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Find out how to adopt a pet quick and easy

How do I adopt a pet?

Persons interested in adopting one of our rescue dogs will need to complete an adoption application.  Once completed, you can submit the application for our Adoptions Facilitator, Kim Austin, to thoroughly review, including contacting references, she will be in touch to schedule a convenient time for you to visit with our dogs.

We place our dogs into homes as family members. They will need to spend time each day INSIDE the home interacting with their family.  When outside for exercise we prefer, and with certain dogs insist, on a fenced yard.

The adoption fee is $100.00.  This represents a commitment on the part of the new parents more than a repayment of our costs.  This fee is a fraction of the amount spent to ensure each animal is healthy and well adjusted.

All rescues are spayed or neutered, current on all vaccinations, are heartworm free and on heartworm prevention.  The adoptive parents will receive copies of all records on the animal.

All rescues are, to the best of our knowledge and ability, in good health unless otherwise indicated.  They all receive daily exercise and socialization with other dogs and people.

Please understand we strive to do our very best we can for the dogs we rescue.  We do not take the adoption process lightly and we will place our rescued dogs in the very best homes possible.  Our Adoption Agreement requires that adopting families agree we may check on the animal.  If an animal is not treated properly, we reserve the right to return the animal to Horse Creek Wildlife.

Are there any adoption requirements?

Yes, we have requirements that we believe provide the best possible homes for our rescues.   We require the dog to be kept indoors and be a member of the family.  A fenced yard provides a safe environment and in all but a few circumstances is a must.   We want the dog to be in a forever home.

How to avoid picking the wrong pet?

For instance, if the adopting family has children and we have a dog that doesn’t do well with children we would exclude that dog from possible adoptees for that particular family.

Vet Q&A: Are pets for adoption healthy?

Unless otherwise indicated, all Horse Creek rescues have received the following before being available for adoption:

  • thorough veterinary examination, with appropriate follow-up
  • all routine annual vaccinations, including kennel cough
  • heartworm/ehrlichia/Lyme test (negative)
  • spay/neuter surgery
  • monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention

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