The Sharon Charitable Trust

Mission Statement

The Sharon Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of domestic animals and the preservation of wildlife. This will be accomplished by:

Medical Care

The Sharon Charitable Trust will provide basic medical care for rescued dogs that have been abused and/or abandoned. Basic medical care includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and general treatment needed to restore the animal to a comfortable life. It is recognized that some animals will be beyond treatment and the most humane act will be euthanasia. This decision will be made as a last resort with the primary goal being the quality of life.


The Sharon Charitable Trust will provide suitable shelter and related necessities for abused and/or abandoned rescued dogs. The shelter and related facilities will be maintained in a clean, comfortable, safe, and structurally sound condition.

Adoption And Education Services

The Sharon Charitable Trust will provide an adoption service aimed at placing dogs in suitable homes. The adoption program will include a background check on interested individuals and routine follow-up programs. The goal is to place dogs in good, caring homes. Educational programs will be developed and made available to schools, churches, and other civic organizations for the purpose of educating young people on the responsibility of owning pets and on the need to preserve wildlife.

Preservation And Protection Of Wildlife

The Sharon Charitable Trust will maintain available acreage in a wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary will be managed and maintained in a manner that will enhance the natural wildlife of the area. This includes planting to provide food and shelter to improve wildlife habitat with such plants as native trees, shrubs, grasses, and grains.


The Sharon Charitable Trust will achieve its mission with people who are passionate about the humane treatment of animals and wildlife. The people who are employed, retained, volunteer, or who are otherwise involved with any aspect of the Trust will conduct themselves in manners consistent with the Mission Statement.