Birth Date: January 7, 2022
Breed: Border Collie/Terrier mix
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Weight: 20 pounds and growing

Special Traits

Adapted to Apartment: No
Amount of Shedding: Low/Medium
Child Friendly:
House Trained: Currently Training
Easy to Train: Yes
Energy Level: Medium
Tendency to bark or howl: Low/Medium

Xella arrived at Horse Creek on July 7, 2022.

She is a gorgeous girl, who catches everyone’s eye.  She is a very sweet and very playful girl.  She enjoys spending time with other dogs and loves going for long walks with our volunteers.

Xella is a stunning Border Collie and Terrier mix breed, and she is 20 pounds and growing.

Who wouldn’t want to make Xella’s life complete and be her devoted family?