Birth Date: October 1, 2021
Breed: Mixed breed
Sex: Female
Size: Small/Medium
Weight: Still growing

Special Traits

Adapted to Apartment: Unknown
Amount of Shedding: Low/Medium
Child Friendly: Yes
House Trained: Currently Training
Easy to Train: Yes
Energy Level: Medium
Tendency to bark or howl: Medium

Utopia and her siblings were born at Horse Creek on October 1, 2021. Their mother, Birdie, was rescued from the animal shelter on August 11, 2021. We sure think Birdie had the cutest, sweetest puppies ever!

She is ALL puppy and growing. She is a stunning mix breed with one blue eye. She and her siblings, Quimby, Rox, Shrimp, and Utopia, enjoy being happy, energetic puppies. They love to play and enjoy exploring together. 

This little doggie will return your devotion, if you are fortunate enough to be her loving forever family!