It has been said: Dogs were created especially for children. They are the gods of frolic.


It has also been said: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated.


Allowing our dogs to roam, breed and birth puppies that have no hope and never have a chance to frolic and enrich our lives and our children's lives, says a lot about us as a community. These unwanted puppies that become "suffering strays" have a destiny of sickness and starvation -- slow and painful death. WE CAN reduce our stray dog population by spaying or neutering our dogs.

Cecil and Agnes want you to know some advantages of spay/neuter from the Animal Health Foundation:

  • Prevention of mammary cancer in female dogs. A dog spayed before her first heat will have a near zero chance of developing mammary cancer later in life. After the first heat, this incidence climbs to 7 % and by the next heat climbs to almost 25%.
  • Prevention of pyometra - a very "costly to treat" uterine bacterial infection.
  • Prevention of uterine and ovarian cancer.
  • Elimination of bloody vaginal discharge and unpleasant odor during heat cycle.
  • Prevention of enlarged prostate - this is an extremely painful and sometime life-threatening condition which is not likely to resolve without neutering or invasive surgery.
  • Prevention of testicular cancer - and certain types of hernias and perianal tumors.
  • Prevention of urine marking, aggression towards other dogs and territorial aggression - it is important to realize male dogs should be neutered while still young before these unwanted traits become habit.
  • Spay early if possible - spay to prevent health problems and unwanted puppies that have no hope of a good home.

Cecil & Agnes say "Help your pets live longer, happier & healthier lives. Spaying or neutering does not make dogs fat and lazy - too much food and too little exercise do."

Note: One pair of breeding dogs & their offspring, over a period of only 6 years can ultimately produce 67,000 puppies. Be part of the "Suffering Strays" solution - SPAY/NEUTER.


Take advantage of your county's free spay/neuter program for ALL Hardin County residents, including Savannah city residents. Vouchers for this program are available at the Hardin County Animal Services facility.

For information, call 925-3303.

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