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Vita's estimated birthday: August 10, 2018













Horse Creek Wildlife rescued a sweet girl named Vita on November 21, 2018.  We couldn’t leave this bundle of joy behind!

Vita is so full of life, and she is enjoying every moment at Horse Creek.  She is possibly a Dutch Shepherd mix weighing 15 pounds and still growing.  She loves interacting with our volunteers and receiving treats for every trick.  Vita is a smart girl who can sit, lie down, and stay.

Probably hit by a car, Vita had to have surgery on her pelvic bone and right rear leg.  However, she doesn’t seem concerned with such problems and enjoys spending time with other dogs and people.

She will make an outstanding addition to the family that wants the sweetest dog ever. 





For immediate information please email: adoptions@horsecreekwildlife.org.


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