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Ulaina's birthday: March 23, 2018













Ulaina and her siblings were born at Horse Creek on March 23, 2018. Their mother, Molly, was rescued from the animal shelter on February 8, 2018.  We were not aware that she was pregnant.  We are not sure who their fathers are, but all eight puppies are gorgeous!
Ulaina is one of five girls.  She is very sweet and sociable.  She and Toffee look like twins, but Toffee’s tail is shorter. They both have a beautiful brownish coat.  Ulaina and her siblings have been lovingly cared for from birth and are going to make great family pets.  They are all extremely friendly and have never had a bad day.  They love people and love to romp and play in the grass. 

Ulaina is very sweet and she will soon be looking for her forever home.  She wants a family that will love and care for her always! 





For immediate information please email: adoptions@horsecreekwildlife.org.


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