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Roger’s estimated birthday: August 20, 2005


 Roger arrived at Horse Creek on August 20, 2006. Roger and his friend, Quala, had been observed for several days living in the woods behind a local farm. They were terrified to come near people. Those nice folks spent several days putting out food and water and slowly, slowly lured them into a fenced area.

When we got Roger and Quala to Horse Creek and into one of our exercise areas, it took us over a week to get them to come near us. Many hours of quiet reassurance finally paid off and we managed to get them inside our kennels. Once secure inside, they panicked again and we started over. It took many days of reinforcement and socializing to win these guys over. They have done a remarkable turnaround and our hearts are overwhelmed.

Roger plays with other dogs and walks nicely on a leash. He has survived things we will never know. He deserves better. Look into those eyes, and you will love him as we do. And he will love you.





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