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Marty’s estimated birthday: April 27, 2004




Marty arrived at Horse Creek from the animal shelter on July 6, 2004. An adorable little black puppy, we took him directly to the veterinarian's office because he was so sick. We could not leave him at the shelter to suffer.

As a puppy Marty was hospitalized for Parvo virus. But only a couple of days of that and he was ready to come back to Horse Creek. He was stronger than ever.

Marty became friends with one of our rescued dogs who had some pretty tough emotional problems. We left him at Horse Creek to take care of her, rather than taking him to adoption events. He brought her out of her shell, but he also got pretty accustomed to his surroundings. He gets a little nervous still about new things, but he quickly adjusts with a little time and attention. He LOVES people.

This guy obviously has a positive attitude. He deserves a good home. He is now healthy and happy.

Marty is ready for a forever home with a loving family. All he needs is a chance. . . .



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