Hiking trails are available at Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary for qualified groups, including Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, and other groups trained in outdoor skills. Call for information to see if your group qualifies. 731-926-4008



  • Personal protection from ticks and other insects is advisable from spring through fall.
  • Please don't litter. Pack it in--pack it out.
  • Leave plants, flowers and artifacts for others to enjoy.
  • For your safety, and to maintain the environment, do not deviate from the marked trails.
  • Trails are foot traffic only--no motorized vehicles.
  • Some trails do not end near their starting points. Please refer to descriptions below of each trail.
  • Snakes are prevalent in this region during warm months.
  • Cell phone coverage is limited in all Horse Creek areas. The best chance for cell phone reception is near the flagpole at the North Gate area.
  • Trail Maps can be provided when you pick up your information packet.






Cabin Trail

(3/4 mile, 45 minutes)

The Cabin Trail takes visitors from the high bluffs along Horse Creek, beginning at the Cabin on the Creek, to the gentle waters of Howard's Creek. Deer, turkey, blue heron and other wildlife are often seen along the trail, which goes from upland forest to low-lying forest during its journey. The trail makes a loop and returns the hiker to the original starting point.



Rattlesnake Trail

(2 miles, 2.5 hours)

Rattlesnake Trail came by its name honestly. It is a wonderful winter trail (when snakes are asleep!). Starting at the small bridge on the eastern edge of Creekside Loop, it travels in an easterly direction, loosely following Pickens Branch. It ends at an open field near the Walnut Grove. Not a trail for the couch potato, it has areas of step inclines and descents.

Old Barn Trail

(1 mile, 1 hour)

The Old Barn Trail begins at the old barn directly across Highway 69 from our office. It winds through a gentle forest along Little Falls Stream before crossing an open field. It loops at Bruton Road to wind its way back near the Dog Care area to its starting point

Rocky Branch Trail

(2 miles, 2 hours

Beginning at primitive Campsite #2, Rocky Branch Trail follows Rocky Branch north before turning west to skirt the perimeter of the sanctuary through diverse habitats, crossing the Orchard, and travels through a wooded area on the southwest corner of the Orchard and ends near the entrance to the Fossil Trail.

Villa Trail

(1 mile, 30 minutes)

A wide asphalt trail surrounding the Dog Villa area, the Villa Trail circles the flagpole and pond, ventures through the pet cemetery and along the edge of the woods, circling back to its starting point. It provides lots of things for dogs to see, hear and smell as volunteers take them out for exercise.

Nature Trail

(3/4 mile, 45 minutes)

A wide, comfortable walk, the Nature Trail ambles along Horse Creek through a low-lying hardwood forest. Many of the the trees are identified. A pleasant trail for all, from pre-schoolers to senior citizens--it is heavily shaded and comfortable, even in the warmest weather. An optional return to the starting point takes you through the Darby Field and down Hickory Lane.


Ridgeview Trail

(2 miles, 2 hours)

Ridgeview Trail follows the ridge that borders the northern edge of Creekside Loop. As you exit the Covered Bridge and enter the sanctuary proper, the ridge is on the other side of the open field. A strenuous trail that may require a walking stick. This trail begins at primitive Campsite #1 at the northwest end of the open field. This trail follows the ridge line, providing wonderful views and ends at a nook in the east end of the open field.


Fossil Trail

(3/10 mile, 30 minutes)

A short, but very interesting walk, the Fossil Trail includes a small waterfall and follows an old fossil bed. Please don't pick up the fossils! Leave them for others to enjoy. Reverse your direction to return to the trail's starting point.


Don't forget your Trail Map!!



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