The Dog Villa - home to the sanctuary's rescues.


Dog Villa Reception Area



One of our five exercise areas where our rescued dogs play in groups during the day.
Our rescued dogs have access to secured and individual outside runs at night.


The exam room is used not only for routine vet exams but also for crate training and socializing.


The kennel area houses dogs in pairs or alone, as necessary. The runs are equipped with dog doors so they can easily access their secure outside runs at night.


Getting ready for an adoption event!





Dr. Don Edwards, our local veterinarian and great friend to Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, has been attending our rescues weekly since 2001. His knowledge has been invaluable to us and we seek his guidance on how best to care for the dogs we have rescued. He examines and vaccinates the dogs at our villa location, eliminating the need to transport except for emergencies and surgeries.



Dog Walking Trail


The Dog Walking Trail begins at our dog villa. It twists and turns through a small portion of our sanctuary. Our volunteers, as well as the dogs, enjoy the scenery as the asphalt trail meanders its way around and passes near our Horse Creek Pond, giant flag, Pet Cemetery and wooded areas.





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