Nature Days

May 16-17, 2017


On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16 and 17, 2017, Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary hosted our annual “Nature Days” event.  With all fourth grade students, parents and their teachers visiting from Hardin County. The event was a great success. Students, teachers, volunteers and Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary personnel had a great time!



Educational centers were set up along Horse Creek. These centers were focused on various topics that provided the students with valuable information.



Tree Identification: Tennessee State Forestry Division officers walked along our Nature Trail with students, showing them how to identify different species of trees and plants while providing interesting information on many of the species.



TWRA: Local Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Officers used various animal hides to inform students about local wildlife and their habitats.



Search & Rescue: Bonnie Skoffic, Savannah Search and Rescue, with help from Alexis Ludwig, taught the students what to do in the event they are lost in the woods, through the national Hug-A-Tree program.



Mule Plowing and Wagon Ride: Terry Neill, with help from Sallie and Mandy, demostrated plowing to the students. Then he gave them the opportuinty to help him plow.



Pioneer Skills at the Darby Cabin: Kim Austin, Horse Creek staff member, talked with students about the daily lives of families who lived in our area over 100 years ago. She discussed the daily chores and activities of children and how they compare to the lives of children today.



Pet Care: Debbie Nowicki and Tezra, with Hardin County Animal Services, discussed the importance of care and personal responsibility for family pets.


Boating Safety: The US Coast Guard Auxiliary, using various flotation devices and other boating equipment, taught students how to be safe while out on the water and in a boat.



All students and teachers received special Horse Creek Nature Days T-shirts. In addition, the students each received a Cecil's Activity Book informing them all about pet care. Some of the educational center presenters also provided information for the students to take home.


A special thanks from all our staff to the presenters who gave their time and knowledge to make the educational centers a success.


And a very special thank you to our devoted local volunteers:

Kay Mabry, Terry & Carolyn Stanfill, Paul & Louise Baillargeon, Joanna White and Jennifer Vandiver.


We hope the the students took away useful information and HAD A GREAT TIME!


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